Karachi Blast-11TH November 2010

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It was around 8:30 in the night and I had just worn my joggers ready to go for a walk like any normal day.Suddenly there was a loud sound and for a split second it felt like an earthquake.The second I heard it I knew there had been a blast,it wasnt the first time we had heard such a boom and in the past there had always been an explosion.My father on the other hand was less quick to understand what had occured,he just shrugged claiming it to be some really loud “thunder”.But I prooved to be right.As soon as the tv was switched on I saw the Breaking News about a blast in Karachi! It is so common to hear about blasts in Pakistan now that it was just like any other day but hearing that it was in Karachi;in the very city that I live on a road that I’ve been on more than once  that was scary.

To be very honest I feel like I’ve become immune to blasts,there was a time when hearing that a bomb blast has taken place was such a big deal that for the next two weeks it would be headline news.Now it isnt that blasts have become less deadly or destructive(theyve acutally become much worse) but the thing is that almost every day  there is a bomb blast and just when we begin to deal with news of one another unfortunately takes place. In the bomb blast that took place yesterday 17 lost their lives while hundreds were injured.

Today I had alot of free time on my hands and it got me thinking exactly how inhuman such a blast is.As someone who watches so many people loose their lives on a daily basis I never thought about the extent of pain,grief ,damage and hurt that it can lead to.Imagine being a sister,mother,husband or daughter of one of those seventeen people.Imagine hearing the news that one of youre closest human relations is just gone,just like that so suddenly.There is no warning and no way to prepare for such a loss.Just imagine a father passes by a road taking his usual route home from work and suddenly for no fault of his he’s dead.This is happening every day in my country,whether in the vilage areas or in Karachi,the economic hub of Pakistan.

When I think about it  I feel scared,because someone I know could have been on that road;for all we know I could have been there.Theres no way to avoid what is happening.Just a few days ago a shrine walking distance from my school was targeted killing a few people.What are we supposed to do?I dont plan on staying home every day for the rest of my life.I dont want to see my fellow citizens dieing everyday either.Its not fair.

But I also know the reality of the situation.We are part of a war.This constant fear,danger and risk is part of it.We have to live with that fact and try to change it.You cant lead a life avoiding and marking safe and unsafe zones in your very own city.I dont plan on doing that anyways.I will pass the bombed shrine daily to go to school even if that is unnerving because life cant come to a standstill.Risky?Yes,but if you were in Karachi today like me that bombblast was an event,a very unfortunate and unfair one surely.But you have to deal with the grief,take a risk and go on with life.

Below I’ve attached a link to a song by Damein Jerudo-I had no intentions.Play the song,close your eyes and put yourself in the position of a mother who lost her son yesterday.Its a cruel and unfair world isn’t it ? Thank God that you are safe and pray for those who lost their lives for no reason at all


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